Discoteca Muerte

I figured out it was high-time I had a music blog. Music is my life. A large part of my house is dedicated to a 35+ year record collection and I have a constant struggle to find enough digital storage for the rest of it.

A huge part of my time and disposable income goes towards physical, digital and social music, fortunately I have a partner who feels the same way.

A few months back, a friend of mine tried to establish a club night called ‘Death Disco’. There were artistic differences and only two nights went ahead. We talked about doing something else using the same theme; an anything goes, ‘music-you-can-dance-to-but-not-dance-music’ clubnight somewhere in Nottingham but, unfortunately, I am all talk and can never be bothered to do anything about my ideas. Either that, or my mental-hummingbird mentality gets bored and wants to do something else instead.

Discoteca Muerte has stuck with me though. Perhaps it’s because the no-fixed-genre approach gives carte blanche to do what I like with it without having to fit into any convenient pigeonholes. The club night may never happen but at least I can exploit the idea here in word form.

What I hope to achieve here is give a little back from the time I spend perusing, cruising and abusing the numerous music resources that I frequent on this here internet. This may be in any one of many forms; soundcloud/mixcloud, youtube, pictures, reviews, photos or words. Hopefully someone out there will find it interesting, informative or just distracting. I’ve done a few blogs in the past and none of them have sustained my interest for more than a few weeks. Hopefully, because this is my passion, I can actually make a fist of this one. Hope you enjoy it.



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