I really like this stuff. Texture is a producer and emcee from Glasgow, part of the Black Lantern Music collective, who makes dark, nihilistic, inner-city electronica. It’s like if Tricky was Scottish or if The Streets had watched more Blade Runner. To call Texture merely spoken word or Hip Hop or electronic would be doing him a massive injustice, it’s significantly more than that. Like a soundtrack to a dystopian science fiction movie that neither Phillip K Dick, William Gibson or Ridley Scott had ever imagined. Music from a future Glasgow. I bought and listened to his INCVBATE EP on the strength of the opening track, ‘INCVBATE’ because of the William S Burroughs vocal sample. Moody as fuck and quintessentially British (well, Scottish). You can get INCVBATE rfom Bandcamp.com for a measly three quid.

As well as on Bandcamp, Texture can be found on Twitter, Tumblr and on his website.


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