Radio Muerte Wednesday 10th February

Velcro Hooks

Jangly, furious indie-pop from Bristol.

More info: Facebook, Bandcamp, Soundcloud and the Velcro Hooks website.


Downtuned, female-fronted, slack-metal three-piece from London.

More info: Tumblr, Twitter, Bandcamp and Facebook.


Dutch, market-leading superstar dubstep wub-warriors.

More info: Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter and the Noisia website.

Yawning Dog

Grungy, post-rock blokes from Leeds.

More info: Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Facebook.

Fangs on Fur

New York based, female fronted darkwave.

More info: Facebook, Bandcamp and Big Cartel.

Camera Obscura

Gliding sweet simplicity remeniscent of Phil Spector from the first of this Glasgow 5-piece’s two 4AD albums. Camera Obscura sadly lost keyboardist and vocalist Carey Lander to cancer before Christmas.

More info: Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp and the Camera Obscura website.


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