Radio Muerte: Friday 3rd June 2016

Back again after the bank holiday break with some fresh tunes.



Nottingham alt-rock indie noise-mongers coming at you with their new album. Currently touring with various artists in the East Midlands.

More info: Facebook and Bandcamp.

Death Grips Featuring Les Claypool

Bass madness on top of the usual abrasive electronic madness as Primus’ supremo Les Claypool guests on the industrial/hip-hop duo’s new release.

More info: Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and

De La Soul Featuring Snoop Dogg

When it comes to hip-hop legends, they don’t come much bigger than De La Soul or Snoop. Here they are together on this track from the three-piece’s forthcoming crowd-funded EP For Your Pain and Suffering.

More info: Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and the De La Soul website.

More info: Twitter, Soundcloud, Facebook and the Snoop Dogg website.

Bat for Lashes

New single from the forthcoming concept album The Bride.

More info: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the Bat for Lashes website.

Jungle Brothers

Like De La Soul, the Jungle Brothers were pioneers of a more chilled, feelgood hip-hop style in the early nineties. With their new single, they have let the mighty deck destroyer A.Skillz loose on the remix with this incredibly funky little number.

More info: Twitter, Facebook and the Jungle Brothers website.

More info: Soundcloud and Facebook.


Bass heavy, downtempo, dubsteppy electronica with a bunch of guests (including Ill.Gates) on remix duties.

More info: Soundcloud, Facebook, Gravitas Recordings and Clozee’s website.


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