Radio Muerte: Friday 10th June

The Avalanches

More info: Soundcloud, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and the Avalanches website.


Great doomy stoner metal from Portland in the US. Heard them on a BMX video but there’s not much other info out there on these guys other than their Facebook page. Well worth a listen though if you like The Sword or Red Fang.

More info: Facebook.


Alongside the newly-formed supergroup Prophets of Rage, Rage Against The Machine’s Tim Commerford has also put together this shouty new outfit.

More info: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and the Wakrat website.

The Damn Heavy

Part rockabilly, part garage rock, all rock and roll. The debut album from this rowdy Nottingham band, What The Hell We Done is available to stream now on Soundcloud.

More info: Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter and the Damn Heavy website.


Re-inventing disco through the burgeoning house scene of the late eighties, S’Express came up with a tune that still manages to fill floors to this day. Mark Moore has just got a bunch of contemporary artists together to remix some of the S’Express back catalogue, the best coming together as a new album ‘Enjoy This Trip’.

More info: Facebook, Soundcloud and at

Torii Wolf featuring Dilated Peoples

If you’re familiar with Dilated Peoples then you’ll know all about their dialled beats and locked grooves. This is a bit of a different direction for them but with the pristine vocals of Torii Wolf, this makes for a pretty good combination.

More info on Torii Wolf: Facebook and Twitter.

More info on Dilated Peoples: Facebook, Twitter and

Public Enemy

No intro needed here. The biggest hip-hop act in the world. Sampling The Rolling Stones and slowing right down in their new track, Chuck D goes cowboy in the video.

More info: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and

Deap Vally

A new single and video (Chasing up the awesome ‘Royal Jelly’ aired earlier in the year) from California duo Deap Vally has surfaced in the form of ‘Smile More’ from the forthcoming long-player ‘Femejism’, the long-awaited (by me, anyway) follow up to 2013’s Sistrionix.

More info: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and

Jurassic 5

Ever bought a pair of sneakers, got them home and found that they were all wrong? Jurassic 5 have and they have even written a song about it.

More info: Twitter, Facebook and


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